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Halina M. Brooke

Halina M. Brooke

Founder & Principal

In April of 2014, Halina Brooke founded The Gilded Tablet, LLC, a boutique writing firm that caters to small and medium-sized businesses within and beyond Phoenix, Arizona. For more than a decade, Halina has brought her strong writing and intuitive communication to higher education policy, political campaign efforts, small business marketing and the legal community.

Prior to graduating high school and attending Arizona State University on a National Merit Scholarship, Halina’s aptitude for writing brought her a journalism scholarship and an expository writing award at the local community college. She continued to hone her writing skills and warm, impactful style over the next decade as she worked on a variety of local and national political campaigns and public policy initiatives.

During an internship with the Maricopa Community College District, Halina worked with faculty to enhance elements of diversity in curricula and assisted in developing and implementing a grant that sought to fight violence and bullying through education. As a persuasive copywriter and editor, she’s worked with research professors, mental health clinicians, students applying for graduate programs and individuals seeking employment opportunities.

While her writing and marketing insights are an asset to any business, she especially enjoys working with attorneys, psychologists and other licensed professionals to elevate their communications and web content. Halina’s unique background brings her a broad depth of skill and insight, making her an invaluable resource for individuals and businesses throughout Maricopa County.